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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sri Thulasi

One of the first mentioned ,in Sri mahavishnu's favourites thulasi leaves. HE mentiones a leaf,a drop of water,a small flower, a fruit.
Thulasi was a favourite plant with Paatti.she will never forget to put kolam and apply kumkumam to thulasi chedi.
she introduced me to Thulasi prayer which begins with " sriman thulasiamma".without parental guidance where will we be?
when we listen and follow their words we never fail.
All it needs is good trust in them. Just saying this prayer will make me more confident,fill the mind with positive thoughts and goodwill. repeating the words make you believe that the future,present and past are taken care by someone above and that Power will not let us down.

Sri Thulasi is someone totally devoted to Sri mahavishnu.
we all know abt the medicinal effect of thulasi plant.
Babies will be given thulasi,karpooravalli and ohma valli leaves ' water on alternate days to take care of their childhood fever,phlegm and anyother problems. Thulasi leaves are still taken with water to cure dry cough.
But very recently I found one more effect this latest THULASI DHALAM has on budding babies of blog(tamil)world. This Thulasi(mrs.Gopal) is a favourite person of (great strength and compassion)
Thamizh Manam. If you want to be known and noticed by other bloggers just drop a note to her website www.thulasidhalam.blogspot.com
and you are The instant success.

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