Monday, May 14, 2018

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எல்லோரும் இனிதாக வாழ வேண்டும்
 My entire intro to Western music (1966-the year of my entry to IIT) was courtesy Simmu and his great collection of LPs that were unique, starting with Cliff Richard, Inglebert Humpherdink.the one and only Tom Jones, not to leave out the Jazz and trumphet master (Eddie Calvert?), and of course Dean Jones.

Every time I used to be asked by Thatha to escort Rev (from Karaikudi)  to drop her at Pudukkottai, my fascination to his music collection used to become an obsession. ...   . After getting hooked to his music collection, the first item that I bought from my first salary in Bata in Calcutta (1971) was an HMV stereo system (I think I had to save  a few months' salary to be able to purchase this...Coming to think of it, this obviously was not the first essential article that I needed, but at 21, I must have been wet behind the ears) ..I also bought a few Tom Jones LPs and Quincy Jones soul music. But in my mind, Simmu's collection was a rare one of its kind.


Hi Murali,  you left out Roberta flock,The ventures,Inxs,  hey Jude., IIT fame Mrs Robinson,  Goodtimes.Goodmusic was enough to make us happy.You brought out the new music. we had the old ones. Rangan liked all the drum beats  like Teqila and La bomba..He wanted to become Banjos player.

It was Dean martin dear brother. Dean Jones  cricket. :))))

Yes,of course, can not forget "The Graduate"movie, and Scarborugh affair, & the one and only Mrs Robinson, those were IIT songs, and we saw the movie in the Open air theatre, with all the whistling and howling typical of student crowd. Roberta Flack was another, and The Beatles,..and ""To Sir with Love "" the variety was endless. What is between Martin and Jones? But u are right, That was the craze of music of those times. You used to listen to Radio Kuwait for western music, is itn't?..Murali 

 hi Goodevening Murali. yes  In chennai  it was voice of America..Then in Trichy it was Kuwait,Ceylon  and BBC.THen back to Madras B for western music. I borrowed The Graduate from the library ,but  could not get to see  it. Was listening to radio australia for sometime. Crazy times..But thanks for reminding me. Martins is dead and Jones is back to his farming days.thats the difference:)


Thulasidharan V Thillaiakathu said...

துளசி: உங்களுக்கும் உங்கள் சகோதரருக்குமான அன்பு மனதை நெகிழ வைத்தது. எனக்கும் இசைக்கும் வெகு தூரம். நல்ல நினைவுகள்

கீதா: வல்லிம்மா வாவ்! அழகான கடிதப் போக்குவரத்து. அன்பைச் சொல்லுகிறது. மிக அருமையான நினைவுகள். உங்கள் இருவரின் பாசம் கொஞ்சம் ஏக்கத்தையும் வர வழைத்தது...வல்லிம்மா

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

அன்பு துளசி, கீதா,
இருவரும் வந்து வார்த்தைகள் சொன்னதே எனக்குப் போதும்.

அவனுக்கு களங்கம் இல்லாத மனம். யாரையும் தப்பாக நினைக்க மாட்டான்
பேசவும் மாட்டான்.
என் வீட்டுக்காரரின் இழப்புக்கு என்னைவிட அவன் வருந்தினான்.
எனக்குத் துணை இல்லாமல் போனதே என்று. வாழ்க வளமுடன் மா.