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Friday, April 14, 2006

Thiruppullaani sri raaman

Posted by Picasa Sri RAAMACHANDRA MAHAPRABHU with sita and lakshman,hanumar gives dharshan in Thiruppullani.Near Rameswaram. This is the place srirama did thapas on grass to get the attention of samudhra rajan and get his cooperation to build the Sethu anai (dam, bridge) across the ocean.
This place is where Sriman naarayanaa gave dharshan as Adhi Jagannaathan to Dasaratha maharaja and this is where Dasaratha chakravarthy was advised to do the Puthra kaameshti Yagnam praying sriAA dhi Jagannaatha perumaal.And received prasaadham from Yaaga Purushan.
Which was given to his queens.
And the illustrious ,mighty ,honesty (thandhai sol kaatha) personified in human form, four sons were born to the King.Baala kaandam.srimath Raamayanam.SRIRAMAJAYAM.
Sriraaman,Bharathan,Lakshmanan and Sathrugnan were born as avatharams of Sri Mahavishnu and his Pancha ayudhams.
This avathaaram was (as promised by Sriman Narayanan) to Destroy the evil( ravanan) and protect the innocent.
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