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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Naachiyaar kovil Kalgarudan

Naachiyaar kovil Kal garudan,THirunaraiyur.
Sri.Aachappa thatha as sri.c.v.Rajagopalaachaari was known to the grandchildren and great and great,great children and Aaji strongly relied on their Kumbakonam roots.
Sri Aaraavamuthan,Komalavalli thaayaar and Pakshi raaja of Naachiyaar kovil always featured in their conversations.
Aachappa thatha must have been born a total yogi.He was gifted a vast area of farm lands as part of legacy from his father's properties.
Though he chose his carrier as a lawyer his interest was concentrated on the fertile lands in the Mayavaram area.Papanasam,Pandhanallur,vayalur of Kumbakonam district were
some of the villages where his lands were situated.
He took his life seriously as a cultivator.Almost 20 days of a month he will be camping in the villages looking after every season's needs.
He was very religeous and followed the rites and rituals of an austere Brahmin.
That meant not taking even a morsel of food or water outside his home.A man of simple need, he will travel by the then Boat-mail to Kumbakonam which journey will take atleast 15 hours from Madras. Aaji used to tell the anecdotes during the free evening hours about his hard work and care that went in those trips.
FOR Those travel times he will pack in roasted wheat flour mixed with little sugar and water. Tie the meal in a small white piece of cloth.
For staying in the village they had a very small house where he attended to his sparse and simple life style. That he was blessed with an understanding wife goes without saying.
Aaji never complained about managing such an enormous househlod.
Her family duties looking after the housework,children ,their marriages,their wives and husbands and being a very warm host to any and each person coming to visit thatha.
She ran a disciplined household and saw to that ,that every grand child was educated and respectively launched into their future as per their wont. Thank you Achappa thatha and AAJI.