Saturday, May 12, 2018

letters from the past.

எல்லோரும் இனிதாக வாழ வேண்டும்
Dear Rev
Your analysis is not far off the mark. Professional life does have an impact on the way men-folk behave with family (me not excluded). Decisions are made in business-like manner. A good understanding wife (home-maker) used to compensate for some of the always-busy, somewhat aloof  outlook of the husbands. But now things are different.
 Cheer up, try and not analyse matters too much.
 . ..affly..murali

Raghavan Narayanan
to me
Dear Rev
The more I think the more I feel that we should in some way be able to influence the next generation in our family to develop care, compassion and their families, and also aim for some noble objectives in life. It can be charity in the conventional sense,  gratitude to the Lord for having blessed us this far or other similar things. Importantly they should develop a strong sense of detatchment to money, and look at life in simplistic earthly terms.That is how our parents conducted their lives and we should learn from them, and slowly start practising them. I know that I may be sounding weird when I say this, and will be strongly challenged on this notion, but that should not stop us from sharing our thoughts, ..It may ring a bell one day ..affly..Murali.
revathi narasimhan
to Raghavan
Dear Murali,
After I reach madras one of the important work is to safe guard all the letters. They have aged a lot.  bagavath sangalpam.   When you read Amma.s  lettes  you will find mild emotion in control, never a strong word,even if she had to write about appa.s  ulcer  she will put it so mildly  after he has recovered. even then it used to jolt me.
 Wonderful souls. Viju   knows  more of Paatti^s   grand attitudes. she will tell me offhandedly   about my  drawbacks   compared to her.
well liffe can bless you   in oneway.We were blessed  with  love and affection   unlimited freedom   and    unconditional     support.

romba puNNiyam paNNi irukkom  pona janmaththil.
Thank you Murali.

Raghavan Narayanan
to me
Dear Rev
Very sensitive touch from Amma as always, super intelligent comments from a loving mother on her innocent daughter. You have to wonder where she learnt to communicate so powerfully in such a crisp language.
Thank you dear Rev for bringing out the Amma and Appa that we did not know enough! At least I did n't. Pray God and our parents give us their anugraham to develop at least a fraction of their character and sensitivity
 so we can be of some use to others for the reminder of our current lives..affly..Murali 

Dear rev
Sajjan and myself visited Mylapore home today (Next to our home (and our office), this is the place we have visited most number of times and more frequently ).  The lawn looked neat without any litter and looked well watered too. The watchman and his wife were there and were quite cheerful. He said that the house inside was probably cleaned thrice so far. The person who is supposed to tend the lawns did not turn up and the watchman's son is going to cut the excess growth on the plants above the parapet wall tomorrow. He also said that he will ask his son to pluck the mangoes (I did not see too many) tomorrow, and I can collect them. Let me know to whom this is to be sent. shall I ask him to take these to Patha's place?. The walk area around the house also looked neat. Sorry, forgot to take the camera and so could not take pictures. My eyesight is still good, so you can trust my story!